Vaccinated against COVID-19 (First Dose)

Two weeks ago, I read about Khairy Jamaluddin mentioned that residents in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor can signed up for the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID vaccine on a first-come-first-serve basis. When the registration opened, I sprang into action by signing up for the vaccine, choosing 15th May at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur. A total of 268,000 appointment slots were up for grabs.

I was then notified by Mysejahtera (Malaysia COVID contact tracing app) that my vaccination is scheduled for 15th May, 11.30am.

The vaccination day

I took a Grab ride and I arrived at the PWTC two hours earlier. I have done so assuming that there might be traffic jam on the road. However, turns out that the opposite is true.

There were a lot of people and the crowd has started forming as the hours go by. Soon, social distancing inside the hall became almost impossible.

After waiting for more than 2 hours, my time is called and I proceeded to station 3. There are three stations and mine is the third number. Everyone scanned the check-in QR code and headed to the hall to fill out the consent form for COVID vaccination.

Filling in the consent form

I filled in the consent form as required.

My turn came and I headed for registration, where I scanned the vaccination QR code.

After scanning the QR code, I met a doctor and she asked me if I have history of allergies due to vaccinations. I responded no.

Main Part: Vaccination

I headed to the section D4 where I will get my vaccination. The process was very fast and smooth. It was painless. Yes I have done it!

Observation area

After that, it was time for 15 minutes of observation to see if everything is okay or not after the vaccination. I was feeling completely fine. I got my vacciantion card as shown below.

My second and final dose of the vaccine will be in 12 weeks time, as the gap between the first and second dose is around that period to maximise protection of the vaccine.

Picture time

“Saya telah divaksinasi" translated to English is I am vaccinated! Finally I am done.

I felt hungry and decided to get myself some salmon sandwich from the mini cafe outside the hall.

Rating: 9/10

I am done! And here is my certificate!

Vaccine used: Oxford/AstraZeneca


  1. This vaccine is made from a weakened version of virus found in chimpanzees.
  2. It is modified to contain genetic material of coronavirus.
  3. After injection, it teaches the body’s immune system to fight COVID-19.

Source: BBC

For more info, click here.

Side effects

The day after I took the vaccine, I had a low-grade fever, sore arm (injection site), and some chills. I took some Panadol to reduce the fever. Side effects are normal as explained in the video below:

It means the immune system is working to create antibodies to fight COVID-19.




Made in Malaysia. University student seeking out to discover and learn new things daily.

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Perry Si

Perry Si

Made in Malaysia. University student seeking out to discover and learn new things daily.

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