Exploring Penang (Part 5) — Penang International Food Festival

Local foods everywhere

It was a hot afternoon and since I am hungry, I headed to Georgetown again for some great food.

I settled for ice-cream, matcha (green tea) latte and a chicken sandwich at this one unique place.

It is beside the Mural — Kids on bicycle by Ernest Zacharevic. It was in Part 4 of going around Penang series. The place is called 262 坊.

The mural

262 坊

It is a minimalist space that houses multiple cafes where I got to try the food. Not bad. The inside is really cool with all these plants.

It is featured in Penang Foodie website.

After that, I headed to a book store at Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street). Inside there, the store sell books and some special notebooks made from special materials. It is not a surprise that it is way above the normal price. Overall, it is a nice place to walk around.

Look at these unique items — it is so cool!

There is something even special. Yes, that’s right — Penang International Food Festival!

Walked through the stores at 5pm and decided to head somewhere else because it was quite early to buy food. I walked into a chocolate museum.

Beryl’s Chocolate Museum — Fun Fact: Beryl’s chocolate is manufactured in Malaysia.

Facts about chocolate

After I am done with the museum visiting. I went to the food festival to obtain some nice food. It was raining heavily for a brief period so I have to rest somewhere. After that, it was food hunting time!

Penang International Food Festival (PIFF)

PIFF is super lit! There were lots of food stalls serving local foods to be tried out. This is the festival where every part of Penang food come together at this spot.

The local food that I tried below is the roti canai, known as flatbread that is eaten with the curry sauce. Next, is the cendol, it is a dessert that is shaved ice paired with brown sugar, coconut milk and some toppings. Lastly, the dim sum, where it is pork meat in the shape of a ball.

The fireworks

I happened to bump into my senior friends. We had a great chat together. I known them since 2016. So nice to meet up with them.

Anyway, this is the end of the article. Stay tuned for Part 6, which will be released next month. Hope you click the love button on the left if you like this article. See you next time.

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Made in Malaysia. University student seeking out to discover and learn new things daily.

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Perry Si

Perry Si

Made in Malaysia. University student seeking out to discover and learn new things daily.

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