Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in UTP

Safe, sound, doing well in UTP

What’s up, everybody?

This COVID-19 pandemic thing is getting out of control with countries such as Italy, Spain, etc. reporting an exponential increase of the COVID-19 cases as of now.

Let’s get to what is going on now in Malaysia. The Malaysian Prime Minister announced a two-week restricted movement order which includes shutting down of classes from March 18–31. Students were encouraged to go home, then asked to stay where they are. However, I did not go home. This is because I am Sarawakian, and the Sarawak government stated that Sarawak residents who go back will be issued a 14-days stay home notice. It means no going out, not even buying essential needs etc for 14 days. Additionally, it is very troublesome to move around.

For those who choose to stay back in UTP, we have to fill in daily attendance Google form until March 31. This is to ascertain that we are in UTP at all times.

Attendance form

As for food availability, cafes are still open. I have stockpile my groceries the day before the restricted movement is enforced. It is good enough for two weeks.

Food delivery services are also available. You have to go to the main gate there for food collection as delivery riders are not allowed into the university premises. Contactless delivery is practised whenever food delivery is done, meaning that riders keep a distance while giving you the food.

Contactless delivery (Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and KFC Malaysia)

What you can do during this 14-days stay home period?

  1. Read books
    Looking for life stories? The subtle art of not giving a f**k by Mark Manson is a great book. It tells you about the life things. Looking for investment? Rich dad poor dad is a good start.
  2. Take online courses
    I am taking an online course on Coursera called The Science of Well Being. It is a course that teaches you to be happier. There are more things to learn on the internet. Why not seize the opportunity?
  3. Watch videos
    TED and TEDx videos are great. The speakers touch on certain topics about their stories.
  4. Revise your subject and finish your report (if you are a student)
    Your deadline is extended. You have more time to finish it.
  5. Drink lots of water! (Special note: Water does not kill COVID-19)
    Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Further reading:

Also, don’t forget to frequently wash your hands, take good care of personal hygiene. Follow World’s Health Organization (WHO) to keep up with the latest information on COVID-19 pandemic. Let us flatten the curve together by breaking the chain of COVID-19 infection to other people. How to break the chain? Practice social distancing.

COVID-19 information

The Science of Well-being course in Coursera

TED video




Made in Malaysia. University student seeking out to discover and learn new things daily.

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Perry Si

Perry Si

Made in Malaysia. University student seeking out to discover and learn new things daily.

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