Being single

North Avenue Beach, Chicago (Image captured from my phone on March 2018)

On a Sunday night last year, a girl sent me back to my place from a tourist spot. The whole journey was almost quiet.

There were indications that she wasn’t interested in me anymore. It was not like before, where we used to actively exchange conversations and teasing back then, and would talk a lot the first time I went out with her.

It was mostly my fault though. As a person who does not have a very strong social life, I did not know most of the rules in social interactions. I turned her off more than I turned her on with my actions without even realising it.

Still, hanging out with that girl was a remarkable achievement to me because I have never experienced this before. Going together to see nature, places, etc.

Needless to say, if I could turn back time, I would ensure that the outcome ends up the opposite way.

The failure of mine led me to watch YouTube videos relating to confidences, girls, etc. From those videos, I learn a lot about methods to approach girls, being confident, standing up for yourself, ways to stop being a simp (putting girls on a pedestal), and so on. Believe it on not, the video below is very insightful.

The video above is just 1 out of the N videos I show it to you. I have watched other videos from that YouTuber (HowToBeast).

After that, I did some soul-searching on myself. Things like how to execute a correct action in situations, asking myself how to make myself delighted, etc.

Fast forward to now, I am happy being on my own. I have learned to adapt to the ever-changing situation around me since then. If your heart is not into getting a relationship at the moment, be honest to yourself by being single.

I also receive benefits of being single such as enhancing myself, searching for myself, beginning to know what I want in life step-by-step.

Instead of regretting the mistakes in the past, I shifted the focus to learning something that I once never knew. Things I learn such as:

1. Surprising people in a nice way turns people on.

2. If someone cuts you off, immediately do the same to that person instead of begging to return to that person.

3. There will always be people out there who will value or love you, so be grateful to those who do and forget those who don’t.

4. Be brave and make the move, don’t wait for the “perfect” moment.

5. Most important: Be truly honest with yourself: Are you interested in the person you are interacting with? If yes, continue interacting. Conversely, stop communicating.




Made in Malaysia. University student seeking out to discover and learn new things daily.

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Perry Si

Perry Si

Made in Malaysia. University student seeking out to discover and learn new things daily.

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